Eliminating Tax Debts

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The Internal Revenue Service is arguably the most powerful collection agency. Outstanding tax debts can quickly make life very difficult. The IRS can garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts, put a lien on your home or even seize your property.

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What Tax Debts Can Be Discharged Through Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be very effective for handling tax debts. Filing for bankruptcy prevents the accrual of additional interest and penalties. It also stops the IRS from further collection of the debt. You can eliminate some tax debts through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can also reorganize the debt into a manageable payment plan under Chapter 13.

To discharge debt under Chapter 7, the following conditions must be met:

  • Must be income tax liability: Although payroll taxes and property taxes cannot be discharged, there are other ways to deal with these debts.
  • Filed tax return: You must have filed a tax return for the debt.
  • Debt is at least three years old: This number is calculated by using the date that the tax return for the debt was due, including extension periods, not the day that it was actually filed.
  • No fraud or willful tax evasion: A history of either of these activities can prevent your debt from being eligible to be discharged.
  • 240-day rule: The tax must have been assessed by the IRS or state taxing authority at least 240 days prior to filing for bankruptcy. There are some exceptions to this rule.

This list is a general explanation of eligibility. Making the actual determination based on your circumstances is complicated, which is why you should discuss your case with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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