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Consumer Bankruptcy

You don't have to endure collection calls forever

If you have built up large amounts of credit card or medical debt, often through no fault of your own, you understand the pressure people in this situation are under. Even something that many people take for granted, such as a trip to the store to buy groceries, might be something to have to worry about if your budget is stretched to the limit -- and then some.

When you are struggling under mountains of debt, you may have one or more accounts that are past due and that you can't make the payments on. In this case, you are probably getting letters and calls from credit card companies or even collection agencies hassling you for money you can't spare. You might even stop answering your phone because you get so many calls from creditors.

There is a way to get creditors to stop bothering you: filing for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, you are granted an automatic stay. This has a few practical, and immediate, implications:

  • Any further collection actions must stop -- not just phone calls, but also foreclosure proceedings and any active garnishment or repossession efforts.
  • The stay is in place the moment you file for bankruptcy -- there is no waiting period.
  • It will last until your case is resolved -- either through closure or dismissal.

Furthermore, by filing for bankruptcy, you are often able to reassert control over your finances and lay the groundwork for a successful debt-free future. An experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorney can talk to you about the clean slate that bankruptcy might provide you.

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